“I’m usually a cynic, so I requested a free reading first. Cedric knew me so well! He understood where I came from. He has heart; he wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth. I’m a believer.”

Enrico M., Turin, Italy

“This was very interesting for me. I have never had a tarot card reading before. I’m not sure how Cedric knew so many things about me, but he did.”

Alim P., Portland, OR

“It is really possible? I went to doctor as you advice. If not, I might be dead. You are hero.”

Mingyu L., Seoul, South Korea

“I still can’t believe it. How did you know?”

Caitlyn V., Denver, CO.

“We’ve known the Bouchards for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to get a reading from Cedric. He really lives up to his family name.”

Peter M., Au Sable Forks, NY

“My daughter recommended you, and that’s the only reason why I got a reading. She has excellent taste. J Now, I know why she and her friends swear up and down that Bouchard is the best.”

Linda G., Murfreesboro, TN

“Cedric told me how to attract the woman I wanted to love, the one I wanted to marry. I never knew how I was sending out the wrong signals or looking in the wrong places before talking to him. Cedric not only told me the truth but gave me good advice. My fiancée and I will be married in October.”

Ben H., New Canaan, CT

“I was really p*ssed at first. I couldn’t believe that this stranger was telling me to do something so outrageous as turn down a settlement. It turns out that he was right, and I discovered the truth of the matter.”

Heather H., Toms River, NJ

“I thought my life was over when my husband told me he was leaving. Everyone told me to just move on, but how? Cedric helped me get perspective. He gave me advise. I found direction, and I got my groove back. I’m still single, but I love it and I’m not afraid anymore. Thanks!”

Charisse S., Bel Air, MD

“Okay, so I have known Cedric for years, and I have had tons of readings from him. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Now that he’s finally got himself a website, he’s reaching out to more people, and I’m glad to see it.”

Maribelle D., Ithaca, NY

“I’m not sure what I think to tell you the truth. I’m a little stunned. I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry. I feel relieved tho.”

Gary P., Woburn, MA

“Tarot cards always kind of scared me, but I think that Cedric helped me understand that they’re safe.”

June F., Westerville, OH

“I’ve worked with other astrologers in the past but Bouchard really halped me understand what my birth chart means.”

Pam. S., Council Bluffs, IA

“A reading with Cedric feesl like he can really see my soul through the screen.”

Grecia R. Marfa, TX

“After Mom died, I looked everywhere for Mom’s locket, and I thought that I lost it. It was a heirloom from her mother, who got it from her mother, who brought it back from the old country. It turns out that I didn’t lose it, and Cedric knew that Mom hid it for me to find for a reason. Well, I just figured out the reason, and I’m so grateful for Cedric for listening to Mom and helping me.”

Yolanda J., Anaheim, CA

“Cedric is the best! Thank you so much! Everything is better now, and my father’s spirit seems to be resting in peace.”

Anje D., Capetown, S.A.

“I was at a crossroads. With Cedric’s help, I was able to find out what I should do for a living, and where I should go to college. I’m in nursing school now and I love it!”

Morgan W., White River Junction, VT

“My marriage was in shambles, but I was afraid to leave. No more. I’m free and ready to see what the world has to offer. Here I come!”

Christy M., St. Catharines, ON

“Cedric, you’re the best! I had no idea what to expect from my free reading,but I was amazed! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Phan P., New York, NY

“I took your advice. I was scared at first. But I trusted you. I broke up with him. Now I’m with my soulmate and I cant be happier. You were right. The first boyfriend was just a distraction and he didn’t really love me. The new one does. You were right! Hes tall and works with his hands.”

Laramie A., Missoula, MT

“I did it! I took the plunge and moved to China! I love teaching ESL and my students are wonderful. I have friends here, and I’m even dating one of the other teachers. Thanks. Cedric. I didn’t think I had any way out of Arkansas, but you assured me that I could do it. I did it, and I know this for a fact: Cedric is not just a fantastic psychic, but a saint.”

Amy H., Dalian, CHINA

“At first, I was worried, but as soon as my reading started, I was all in. I loved my free reading and I came back for more.”

Rachael P., Henrietta, GA

“At first, I was afraid that this was another one of those computer-generated reports, but I was wrong. Cedric is a real psychic. He addressed me personally and created a report that could have only been for me. I trust him and come back whenever I need help.”

Siobhan M., Lynnwood, WA

“Cedric is discreet and honest, which is a rare thing in this world today. His readings come with no judgment and no criticism. Just pure love and light.”

Name Withheld, Beverly Hills, CA

“My reading was fantastic! I still look back on it and am amazed by it. Everyone should get a reading with you!”

Ramona C., Sierra Vista, AZ

“My partner thought I was crazy to consult a psychic about starting our new business. She thought I was really crazy for following your advice, too. We’ve been in business for two years now, longer than most new websites last. You gave me the right focus and the right timing.”

Ryan U., Honolulu, HI

“Every year I ask psychic about the next year. I choose Cedric Grant Bouchard for blessings for the new year. I got many blessings.”

Rakesh V., Copenhagen, Denmark

“That was amazing! How do you do it?”

Mike B., Asheville, NC

“You didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. You told me what I needed to hear.”

Erin-Rose S., Boston, MA

“After you helped my sister with her husband’s death, I figured you could help me. I wasn’t expecting anything from this reading, but you managed to hit me squarely in the heart. You knew about things I had forgotten about. I guess I was never really over the break up of my marriage. I’m doing what you suggest, and I feel better and more confident everyday.”

Doug L., Vancouver, BC

“I’ve never had a tarot card reading before! Fascinating! I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. I’m hooked, and I’m coming back for more. Let me know if you’re ever up in Jupiter!”

Tzippi M., Jupiter, FL

“This was so much fun, and so informative! I’ve always wanted to be an interior decorator, and with your encouragement, I’m going to start taking some design classes. No more sitting on the sidelines of life.”

Johanna H., Hershey, PA

“Merry meet, Cedric! I could tell that you were surrounded by a halo of white light and was drawn to you by the universe. I know that you could see into the future and resonate with my own soul. The world is blessed to have you in it.”

Willow O., Salem, MA

“I took your advice and went on vacation. When I came back, I felt like a new man. I really needed a break, but as you said, I really needed to know that the universe was telling me that it was important to make time for fun, too. My family thanks you!”

Len G., Ballston Spa, NY

“It’s as is Cedric can see me and is talking to me as if we had known each other our whole lives. It was so personal I was shaking.”

Lori H., Sioux Falls, SD

“I was so lost. I would have never have dreamed of consulted a psychic, but I did anyway, and I am so glad I did. Mr. Bouchard knew just what I needed. He was so sympathetic.”

Brynne M., Hammond, IN

“This man is truly blessed by God and is sharing his gift with all. God bless you, Cedric Grant Bouchard!!!”

Leland K., Silverton, ID

“I have consulted many psychics, and most of the time, I’m disappointed. I always look for someone who really seems to know what they’re doing. I finally found someone who seems like the real deal. Cedric Grant Bouchard is my go-to whenever I have a problem.”

Erica T., Auburn, NY

“I was so worried about my daughter. I couldn’t think of anything more I could do to help her. Then, I got a reading from Cedric Grant Bouchard. He knew exactly what was going on. I had no idea! I was able to connect with her, finally.”

Cathy S., Stockbridge, MA

“Cedric is amazing! As far as I’m concerned, there are no other psychics.”

Rick C., Norridge, IL

“Frankly, I was a little scared when I asked the question, and Cedric seemed to know. He addressed my fear and then addressed what my real question was, the one I was too afraid to ask. He was so kind.”

Kaitlyn R., Tarzana, CA

“This is the both the strangest and most wonderful experience. It’s as if I could see myself from another point of view.”

Fidele B., Copenhagen, DENMARK

“Outstanding. I rolled the dice and got a winner. I still can’t believe it!”

Kyle U., Yakima, WA

“I followed your advice and turned down the promotion. Everyone thought I was a fool until the company fired all the management the next month. I’ve since moved on and started my own business. Thanks!”

Emma T., Coventry, U.K

“I asked Cedric if my last girlfriend was the one. I wasn’t happy to hear that she wasn’t. Well, she wasn’t, but this one is!”

Elliot F., The Villages, FL

“Cedric’s aura is pure as the driven snow. I think we really had a psychic connection, and I’m glad we got to work together.”

Isabella Y., Roswell, NM

“I didn’t believe in psychics, but my mother-in-law insisted I try. I hate saying my mother-in-law is right about anything, so I’ll just say this: Bouchard is the real deal.”

Marco S., Casper, WY

“I took Cedric’s advice, and now we’re happily living in coastal Maine away from the hustle and bustle of Boston. My family has never been happier.”

Ted G., Cape Elizabeth, ME

“I asked Cedric where some missing money went, and I was so angry when he told me that my business partner took it! But he was right, and I got it back just in time.”

Susan D., Stone Mountain, GA

“Cedric and I go way back to when he was doing readings in Lily Dale. After all these years, he still gives the best advice.”

Sam L., Austin, TX

“Cedric confirmed what I suspected: my husband was cheating, and if I wasn’t careful, he would leave me and take everything. Well, he left. That I don’t care about but thankfully, I made sure he didn’t wipe us out in the process thanks to Cedric’s advice!”

Pat M., Encino, CA

“Many blessings from Tess in Manila to you! So amazing, dear Mr. Cedric! All my dream is coming true!”


“My family and I were able to heal thanks to you. Thank you for you reading all the good you do for everyone.”

Taniesha B., Bemidji, MN

“So, I took your advice and looked at my mother’s will again and noticed an issue. We’re contesting it now, and I think we’ll win. Thank you, Mr. Bouchard.”

Helena M., Texarkana, TX