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Last Updated: May 18th 2018

How do your Free Psychic readings work?

After you submit your contact information and ask your 1 free psychic question, I will send you an email back usually within 20-30 minutes letting you know that I received your question and that I will begin working on it shortly. It usually takes me 24 hours to reply with the answer to your question, sometimes sooner and sometimes longer. We are in constant communication throughout this process, sometimes I may have some follow up questions before I can give you the clarity you require. Click here for your  Free Psychic Reading

Can I ask more than one free question?

Due to the volume of questions that come in everyday, at this time you are limited to only ask 1 free question. If you submit multiple questions, I will just answer the first one. Thank you for your understanding

Are there any costs for a free psychic reading?

There are absolutely no costs for a free psychic reading. I do these free readings to share my gift with the world. If you are happy with your reading, feel free to refer your friends and family. They will not be disappointed.

What are the most common type of questions people ask?

The type of question you wish to ask is up to you. Feel free to ask whatever you want, but if you need some assistance in picking a free psychic question to ask. I've listed some of the more frequent questions I receive.

Is my partner faithful to me?

Will I get back with my ex partner?

Does my ex partner still think about me?

When will I meet my soulmate?

Are there big changes coming to my future?

What is the meaning of this person in my life?

Should I change jobs?

What does my career and finance look like in the future?

Will I inherit a large sum of money?

Will I be pregnant soon?

How does my health look in the future?

Why do people consult psychics anyway?

Psychics, prophets, seers: people have been consulting psychics since the Stone Age. Humans have consulted psychics since developing a concept or understanding of the future. The simplest answer is that people consult psychics because people know that they’re sentient beings, and thus know that they exist and can one day die. They can plan for those times, and perhaps even avoid those times. Thus, humans consult psychics to find out what could happen during a time they will experience some day, though not yet, so they can solve the problems presented before they become a problem.

Even though there are fewer unknowns than there were in the past, people still consult psychics simply because they want to know what will happen. Every human has an innate awareness that each of us have a purpose for being on Earth, and we all want to know what that is, because we know that fulfilling our purposes will bring us closer to happiness.

Can you really predict the future? Why would I want to know my future?

I can predict the future. Keep in mind, however, that the future isn’t set in stone. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? It’s a theory that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas. Small things, as they move through the universe, can effect big changes. Some things are more likely to pass than others, and some things can be changed. You can choose to change your own future.

And this is why you would want to know what’s in store for you, especially if you want to either 1) avoid something terrible, or 2) create the changes that will ensure that something good will happen.

It’s understandable that there are some things you may not want to know, and I do my best not to ruin happy surprises. After all, happy surprises make life sweet. Even still, the sweetest parts are the details, and those are best experienced. For example, you could tell a small child that when they’re 30, they’ll fall in love with the man or woman of their dreams and will meet them while traveling abroad. The child may not care, may forget, or may actively try to meet this person when they’re 30 years old, so they spend the year traveling to different romantic places, dating sexy foreigners, but with no luck. They end up meeting their soul mate on a connecting domestic flight; it’s someone from their third grade class.

How does divination (the art of prediction) work?

There are many forms of divination, and they take on multiple forms. Psychic readings, tarot card readings, aura readings, astrology, mediumship, and so on are different methods of tapping into universal knowledge and translating the language of the cosmic world. However, every psychic uses his or her intuition and instinct to pick up cosmic impressions. They may be images, sounds, or other sensations. The psychic interprets them and explains them in human languages.

To do this, the psychic must be at ease and have a quiet (or quieter) mind in order to pick up subtle impressions from the universe. The client too must be settled and open to being read. A person whose mind is busy or is evasive or overprotective keeps the psychic from doing an accurate reading.

Are you totally 100% accurate?

No one is 100% accurate. Prediction and prophecy are never 100% accurate, especially since the future isn’t set in stone. As explained above, the future can change after the reading, especially if the client chooses a different fate. It’s also possible to get strong interference from a client, especially one with an active imagination who creates such a realistic-seeming fantasy of the future that it seems very similar to a psychic glimpse into the future.

For example, a client asks for a reading wanting to know if her novel will be a success. She’s had rich fantasies about being a successful novelist and fantasizes about being a successful novelist during the reading. When the psychic reads her, he picks up her fantasies and sees her as a successful person. He misreads her fantasies as the actual future. While it’s entirely possible that she manifests reality, it’s also possible that she’s inadvertently sending a very specific message to the psychic.

The best way to ensure a highly accurate reading is to first come to a reading without lusting for results. You must be open to whatever the universe wants to share with you, even if that doesn’t mesh with your desires.

As a psychic, can you see your own future?

I probably could see it very well if I weren’t a human! Even if we can remain objective when it comes to doing readings for other people, it’s nearly impossible to be objective about one’s self. Thus, even when I do see the future for myself, I have ways of convincing myself that I don’t see what I see. I’m just like a lot of people in that regard.

For example, when I was a teenager, I didn’t want to be psychic. I was raised by psychics, and while I knew it was ultimately my destiny to carry the torch into the next generation because I had the gift, I was adamant that I would be something else. If you asked me as a freshman in college if I was going to become a professional psychic, I would have blushed and denied it. I could see it, but I didn’t want to see it. At eighteen, I didn’t really know that ultimately fulfilling my destiny as a Bouchard would be the most satisfying thing for me because I was still only a child.

And as I get older, I choose not to see the future for myself unless it’s very important. Why ruin the sweetness of life, or make the drama of living so mundane by knowing everything that will happen? Sure, in some moments, I will do a reading for myself, but I refuse to know when I’ll die or from what. I’d rather focus on the life I have now.

What should I do after my free psychic reading?

The best thing to do after a free psychic reading is to let it sink in. You may be introduced to ideas about yourself or your situation that are brand new. You may not like them, and you may find them scary. You may also have to contend with disappointment that you didn’t hear or read exactly what you hoped to hear or read. The trouble is that the person who will understand all of this isn’t here yet: that person is still you, but you in the future. Wait to become the person that will be, the one in the future who is ready to embrace the circumstances of the future.

The worst thing you could do is to keep second-guessing by consulting me or other psychics repeatedly until you get the answer you want. You’ll just get confused, perhaps even ripped off by an unscrupulous person, or simply waste the time you could have spent preparing for the future.

The second worst thing you could do is to actively try to bring about your future sooner. This almost always backfires. For example, if you’re predicted to get a big promotion next year, it’ll come next year. Jockeying for it now may lead your boss to think you’re too eager, too aggressive, and more interested in your own needs than the needs of the company. You get fired. Granted, in a year, you find a new job that is a big step up from what you did before, but not after you needlessly spent a few months unemployed and in despair.

Do you have any famous customers?

All my work is confidential, and I share no information about my clients. To the universe, everyone is a person, whether or not they’re famous to other people. With this in mind, I give all of my clients the same individual attention and respect. Clients are allowed to talk about their experiences with me, but I will not talk about my clients or their readings.

Can psychics cast spells?

Only if they practice witchcraft. Some psychics are witches, and many witches may also be psychics, but not all psychics are witches. Spell casting doesn’t require psychic ability. If you want a psychic who will cast spells, you should specifically look for one who will cast spells.

How do you psychically read me over email?

Once you reach out to me, you make a psychic connection. The cosmic connection made doesn’t require us to be in physically close proximity, or to be in the same time zone, or even for me to have read the email the moment you’ve sent it. I can pick up the exact universal impressions of the moment you put words to email and work from there.

For example: people can love each other even if they live in separate cities, states, provinces, or even continents, because the connection was made. It’s inside of them. Psychic connections are like love in that sense, but neutral in their expression. They exist and last no matter what brings people together.

Why is my free reading taking so long?

I never anticipated the response that my website has gotten. I was warned that it could blow up and I may get more responses than I can handle. For the most part, I have been able to answer all of the free readings within 24 hours. However, there are times of the year that are more popular than others for readings, particularly holidays. During those times, I may be swamped.

Check your spam folders. If you’re using a school or work email address, you may have to contend with emails not getting through or being filtered out before they get to your inbox Also: please use an email address that you use and check regularly.

Also: please use an email address that you use and check regularly and check the spelling. There have been a few too many instances where I’ve had people complain that they didn’t get their reading when they used an email address that they don’t check or misspelled their email.

Still, there are times when I’m having a hard time finding an answer and may come back to a question, or I may get a bad vibe and prefer to come back to the question at a later time.

I didn’t get the answer I was looking for in my reading. What should I do?

The universe doesn’t tell us what we want to hear, but rather, what we need to hear. It has no reason to be dishonest with us or to flatter us. However, we tend to manifest what we want or expect deep down, and our desires have many layers, which can be at odds with each other.

For example, someone who has a deep inferiority complex may believe that he wishes to succeed in his career, even though things always seem to fall apart at the last minute. He asks when he’ll see success. The problem is that deep down, his real desire is to prove that he’s right, that he’ll never be successful, so he doesn’t have to confront his fears and push on despite his failures. He’s likely to never see success unless he learns to get out of his own way. The thing is that he eventually does, though not in the time frame he expects, so he’s told that he’ll have to wait. He doesn’t like this because he wants success now.

What you should do if you get an answer you don’t want is to first ask yourself why you wanted a different answer. Then, ask yourself why the answer is what it is, and if you can accept this wisdom to move on and understand there is something better out there or more for you to do than you can currently imagine.

Is psychic ability evil?

While there are some cultures and religions that believe that using one’s psychic talents is evil, I and many other psychics don’t believe this. First, many of us have already have to overcome the feeling of being wrong or bad because we were psychic children who knew things the adults around us did not. However, simply having a gift that others find strange or frightening isn’t any more evil than artistic ability or athletic ability. And, like artistic and athletic ability, some are born with natural talent, and some have to cultivate it, and many who have these gifts don’t earn a living from them.

Those of us who are born psychic are simply this way. Many psychics don’t do psychic work for a living, and not because they think it’s wrong or evil, but simply because they want to do other things.

Moreover, psychic ability is only evil if it’s used for evil. Most people use their intuition or instinct without worrying that it’s evil or against God’s plan, so heightened intuition or instinct in and of itself isn’t evil.

Can I ask for a free psychic reading for someone else?

You can, but it may not be as accurate, especially if you don’t know their exact birth date, birth location, and birth time. However, it’s more likely that I’m going to pick up on your thoughts and feelings about a person rather than what they think or feel. However, I do get questions like this all the time, where people ask if someone is angry with them, or in love with them, or is going to pay them back. These questions are easier to answer because the questioner is involved in the scenario I’m asked to envision.

However, if it’s a question purely about the other person, such as whether that person will get a promotion, or if their health will get better, it’s better to refer that person to me so they can ask me directly.

Can I get a free reading in-person?

I have stopped doing in-person readings for the time being. This is what I did for most of my career, but with the advent of the Internet and getting older, I can reach more clients working from home online. At this point in my life, my family and I would prefer to maintain a work/life balance, and the Internet has promises this. This way, I can work with more clients without having to rent a space or have them in my home. Otherwise, I simply couldn’t afford to offer free readings. I am a real person, with real expenses, and real limitations on my time and ability.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by emailing or mailing me at Cedric Grant Bouchard 3921 Alton Road #177, Miami Beach, Florida 33140

I am not too good with social media but I am learning. You can find my facebook page here and my instagram page here. I also recently got on linkedin also.